A New Idea for Charity Day

Forest Meadows Golf Club at Lake Forest RV Resort

Our Annual Charity Day has been an important part of Lake Forest for many years. We have chosen mostly local non-profits as recipients, with the Wakefield Food Pantry being the recipient for the past few years.  We will continue to support the Food Pantry again this year. We have held this function in mid-August, and many of you have requested that we move it to July, as August is quite filled with activities.  With that in mind, we have changed the date to July 15th.

Our Charity Golf Tournament will remain as it has in the past, with all Lake Forest residents encouraged to form their own 4-somes.  The change will come with the afternoon fundraiser.

 We have held an Auction for the past several years, and have realized great financial success with this. Why change it, you say?  We have an idea that will be minimal work and cost for everyone and we should still be able to realize the same amount of money as in the past. A combination of the golf proceeds, 50/50 raffle and auction has netted about $2300.

The New Idea – A Food Tasting

The idea is to have a Food Tasting. This would be held at noon following the golf tournament. We would have stations set up in the clubhouse with soups, chowders and a selection of breads. In another area, we would have desserts. Everyone that wants to eat would pay $10 for a ticket and be able to sample everything offered in all categories. They would then vote for their favorite in each category with a chit given out the time the tickets are purchased.   Tickets would be purchased in advance to ensure having enough food!  Prizes would be given for the winners in each category.

desserts photo from Pixabay

 Previously, our very generous residents would purchase an item for the auction (say $15-$25), then they would spend another $20-$30 for tickets for the auction bags.  Sometimes they win, sometimes they don’t.  With this idea, everyone goes home with a full belly and we have the funds we raised for our charity! Minimal work with great rewards!

 I would encourage your feedback, and /or questions.  We will form a committee to make sure this event is a success!

A sign-up sheet for the people interested in making the contest food will be posted in the next week or so, following feedback.

Forest Meadows Golf Committee


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