July 9, 2016 Golf Committee Minutes

Golf Committee Minutes

Forest Meadow Golf Club

July 9, 2016

Committee Meeting

Committee Attending: Glenn Leighton, Ira Colby (chair), Bob McPhee, Ginger Allain, Evelyn Colby, and Louise Billy

Members attending:  Dave Mankus, David Prentice, Judy Toof, Royce Bartlett, Jack and Ann McGuinness

  • The clean-up day with 8 volunteers resulted in 5 loads of brush/branches removed from the course. They would like to have another work day, possibly a Thursday. Marcel will organize that.
  • Ralph Risser will distribute the funds for the Adopt a Hole to the people who have worked on that.
  • The expenses for the pancake breakfast are $212 which is below the amount budgeted for that. The RVers camping at the rally field were invited to it.
  • Evelyn moved to approve the minutes from the June meeting (recorded by Louise Billy) and Glenn seconded the motion. In future, minutes will be sent to the board members for review and if there are no objections within 48 hours, then they will be posted to the FMGC webpage.
  • Glenn suggested more scrambles for Saturday play to encourage new people to join. Other members suggested variations. Glenn has posted the formula for the handicap on the bulletin board. Zero is considered the base handicap and players won’t have one below zero.
  • It was clarified that when there is a 3-person team in a scramble that one player would take an extra shot (tee, fairway, green) per hole. This would rotate with a different player on each hole to compensate for the absent 4th player.
  • The upcoming golf instruction was discussed. Dave Mankus approved use of the field for this but said for instruction on the course, participants would need to pay the daily playing fee. There was consideration of holding an advanced clinic later with a charge. The clinic would cover playing out of the sand and over water.
  • After a short discussion, Ginger moved and Louise seconded that the proceeds of the charity golf tournament be used to benefit the food pantry.
  • Since a caterer for the end-of-year banquet would be too costly (around $19 per person), it was suggested that the Colby sons be approached about cooking ham, scalloped potatoes, etc. to see if costs can be kept within budget. Members in the past preferred not to have it as potluck. Since the date falls at the time of the various games, Judy Toof was asked if those could be held the week before. Ann McGuinness asked in the wine and cheese could be at 4:30 or 5:00 because of church commitments.
  • The meeting adjourned at 2:23 pm.

Minutes compiled by Ginger Allain and sent to committee members on July 23, 2016. If no objection is raised, they will be posted to the website July 25.



July 9 Golf Club Board Meeting

Dear FMGC Members,
I wanted to remind you all that Sunday, July 10, is our Annual Champagne Breakfast fund raiser.  We still need a few volunteers if you are interested in helping there is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board.   This breakfast is open to everyone in the park and guests so bring your friends. It’s a great breakfast for $7.00.

Saturday afternoon, July 9, at 1:00 is the golf club board meeting which is open to members so you are all welcome and encouraged to attend.   We will be discussing the upcoming golf clinic, charity events and the annual awards banquet.

There are few members playing in the Saturday league that still haven’t paid their $10.00 membership fee for this season.  If you haven’t paid please see me or Evelyn to get signed up.   If you are not sure if you’ve paid see us and we will check our receipt book.

I hope to see you all on the golf course Saturday and at the Breakfast on Sunday.