2016 Championship Golf Awards

2016 Championship Golf Awards

Forest Meadows Golf League

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Men’s Closet to the Pin                                     Andy Marchand (5’-9”)

Women’s Closet to the Pin                               Deb Citroni  (36 ft.)

Men’s Low Gross                                                Gary Kelley (33)

Men’s Low Net                                                   Ralph Risser (34)

Women’s Low Gross                                          Louise Billy (35)

Women’s Low Net                                             Jean Poehler (31)


 First Place: Paul Corbeil, Jean Poehler, Peter Graham (Avg. 34.6)

 Second Place:     Bill Adams, Betty Corbeil, Jody Graham, Steve Butler                                   (Avg. 36.5)


Woody Awards

Women’s                                                            Ginger Allain

Men’s                                                                  Andy Marchand

 Sandy Awards

Women’s                                                            Fran Ward

Men’s                                                                  Neil Foster

 Hole In One Award:                                     None This Year    


The Hole-in-One Plaque

The Hole-in-One Plaque

Want to get your name on a shiny brass plate on a plaque in the clubhouse? Time to hit a hole-in-one. Here’s Ray Francisco displaying the plaque. The 2015 names will be added later this summer.

The Forest Meadows Golf Club hole-in-one plaque.

The Forest Meadows Golf Club hole-in-one plaque.

Here are the names already on the plaque:

Paul Corbiel
Ray Francisco
Brian Duffill
Karen Lovering

Awards for 2014 Season at Forest Meadows

1st Place League Champs: Paul Corbeil, Dee Richard, Adrian Genotti, and Claire Risser
2nd Place Team:  Brenda Adams, Paul Paris, Ralph Risser, and Mike Frost
Low Mens Gross:  David Dick and Steve Butler
Low Mens Net:  Steve Butler
Low Womens Gross:  Claire Risser
Low Womens Net:  Dee Richard, Phyllis Creasey, and Claire Risser
Closest to the Pin Trophy Men:  Earl Toof
Closest to the Pin Trophy Women:  Pat Kuech
Woody Award:  Ira Colby
Sandy Award:  Brenda Adams, Luci Wood, Jude Rossi, and Ray Francisco
Hole-in-One Trophies:  Karen Lovering, Brian Duffell, Paul Corbeil, Ray Francisco