2017 Golf Championship & Dinner

2017 Golf Championship & Dinner

Congratulations to the winning team of the 2017 Championship Tournament of the Forest Meadows Golf League. The team included Ann McGuinness, Diana Genotti, Bob McPhee, and Alex Petrosino.

lfr golf winners 2017

The banquet, held in the clubhouse, was a festive event. Here are photos of the decorations, taken before the dinner.
Take a look at the delightful napkins at each place setting.

Upcoming Golf & Golf Related Events

Upcoming Golf & Golf Related Events

Saturday, July 8 – 8 & 10 League Golf
Sunday, July 9 – 1:00 Golf Clinic; Meet at the clubhouse; $5 per person. Sign up sheet is on the LFR bulletin board by the laundry, as we have no golf board right now.

9:00 Ladies Golf

Saturday, July 15 – 8 & 10 League Golf

Sunday, July 16 – 8 to 10:00 FMGC Annual Pancake Breakfast; pay at the door; $7. All you can eat!!

Saturday, July 29 – Charity Day! The date was changed to give us more planning time.
Golf Teams – the sign-up sheet for the teams (anyone can play!!) is in the clubhouse. Choose your team and the time & hole you want to start on. Information on the fees & extras will be posted.
A separate sheet is being posted for those interested in participating in the Cook-Off. Categories are: Soups & Chowders, Breads/Rolls, and Desserts.
Let’s make this the best Charity Day EVER!!


A New Idea for Charity Day

Forest Meadows Golf Club at Lake Forest RV Resort

Our Annual Charity Day has been an important part of Lake Forest for many years. We have chosen mostly local non-profits as recipients, with the Wakefield Food Pantry being the recipient for the past few years.  We will continue to support the Food Pantry again this year. We have held this function in mid-August, and many of you have requested that we move it to July, as August is quite filled with activities.  With that in mind, we have changed the date to July 15th.

Our Charity Golf Tournament will remain as it has in the past, with all Lake Forest residents encouraged to form their own 4-somes.  The change will come with the afternoon fundraiser.

 We have held an Auction for the past several years, and have realized great financial success with this. Why change it, you say?  We have an idea that will be minimal work and cost for everyone and we should still be able to realize the same amount of money as in the past. A combination of the golf proceeds, 50/50 raffle and auction has netted about $2300.

The New Idea – A Food Tasting

The idea is to have a Food Tasting. This would be held at noon following the golf tournament. We would have stations set up in the clubhouse with soups, chowders and a selection of breads. In another area, we would have desserts. Everyone that wants to eat would pay $10 for a ticket and be able to sample everything offered in all categories. They would then vote for their favorite in each category with a chit given out the time the tickets are purchased.   Tickets would be purchased in advance to ensure having enough food!  Prizes would be given for the winners in each category.

desserts photo from Pixabay

 Previously, our very generous residents would purchase an item for the auction (say $15-$25), then they would spend another $20-$30 for tickets for the auction bags.  Sometimes they win, sometimes they don’t.  With this idea, everyone goes home with a full belly and we have the funds we raised for our charity! Minimal work with great rewards!

 I would encourage your feedback, and /or questions.  We will form a committee to make sure this event is a success!

A sign-up sheet for the people interested in making the contest food will be posted in the next week or so, following feedback.

Forest Meadows Golf Committee

2016 Championship Golf Awards

2016 Championship Golf Awards

Forest Meadows Golf League

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Men’s Closet to the Pin                                     Andy Marchand (5’-9”)

Women’s Closet to the Pin                               Deb Citroni  (36 ft.)

Men’s Low Gross                                                Gary Kelley (33)

Men’s Low Net                                                   Ralph Risser (34)

Women’s Low Gross                                          Louise Billy (35)

Women’s Low Net                                             Jean Poehler (31)


 First Place: Paul Corbeil, Jean Poehler, Peter Graham (Avg. 34.6)

 Second Place:     Bill Adams, Betty Corbeil, Jody Graham, Steve Butler                                   (Avg. 36.5)


Woody Awards

Women’s                                                            Ginger Allain

Men’s                                                                  Andy Marchand

 Sandy Awards

Women’s                                                            Fran Ward

Men’s                                                                  Neil Foster

 Hole In One Award:                                     None This Year    


Annual Member Banquet

Good morning, everyone.

 We have posted the sign-up sheet for the banquet to be held on Saturday, Sept. 3, starting with a social hour from 5-6 p.m., followed by dinner, and member discussion.  If there is a space opposite your name in the “guest” column, please indicate who it will be. Payment for the guest will be made at the door.

 Also posted are volunteer sign-up sheets to help with various parts of the banquet.  We need help with table set-up, decorating, and table dressing, wine & cheese prep and set-up, serving, and clean up.  Please, everyone needs to lend a hand. It will make light work of the day for everyone.

I love golf card
I love golf card by GraphicsRF

 There is also a sign-up sheet for being a marshall during the tournament.  Your prompt attention is appreciated.

Thank you.  Ira


July 9 Golf Club Board Meeting

Dear FMGC Members,
I wanted to remind you all that Sunday, July 10, is our Annual Champagne Breakfast fund raiser.  We still need a few volunteers if you are interested in helping there is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board.   This breakfast is open to everyone in the park and guests so bring your friends. It’s a great breakfast for $7.00.

Saturday afternoon, July 9, at 1:00 is the golf club board meeting which is open to members so you are all welcome and encouraged to attend.   We will be discussing the upcoming golf clinic, charity events and the annual awards banquet.

There are few members playing in the Saturday league that still haven’t paid their $10.00 membership fee for this season.  If you haven’t paid please see me or Evelyn to get signed up.   If you are not sure if you’ve paid see us and we will check our receipt book.

I hope to see you all on the golf course Saturday and at the Breakfast on Sunday.