Golf Committee Minutes

Forest Meadow Golf Club

Aug. 9, 2015

Committee Meeting

Committee Attending: Glenn Leighton, Diana Genotti (chair), Brian Duffill, N.E. Via, Bob McPhee, Ginger Allain, Ira Colby

Members attending:  Fran Ward, Evelyn Colby and Pat Butler

Treasurer’s Report:

Diana reported that the additional $1 fee made a big difference in allowing us to do more for our members.  No official report was made.  But Diana did indicate that we had approximately $900 in the Treasury.

Charity Golf Event:

The Tournament was not expanded this year.  Dave Mankus indicated that he did not want to invite the Public.  Therefore, the Golf Tournament and other Charity Events will be limited to Lake Forest residents and their guests.  Only one guest per member.  Tis limited to residents and their guest.

Auction: Evelyn Colby reported that 25-30 items had been donated for the auction. She will be setting it up Friday evening at 6 pm. The auction is 8-3 on Saturday. Flo Foster and Karen Lovering will be selling the 50-50 tickets. Pat Butler, Fran Ward and Ginger Allain will sell the tickets for the auction items ($1 each, 6 tkt for $5, 15 tkt for $10, a club’s length of tkts for $20). The Golf Store is donating some items for the auction too.

Golf Store Report:

Pat Butler   reported that $96 was taken in for the month of July.  Currently she is out of golf balls but will purchase additional balls shortly..

Club Championship and Banquet:

Ira Colby will coordinate the setting up of the Clubhouse and putting a tent up for the Banquet.  Diana Genotti will provide them with a layout.  The setup will be done after Men’s Golf on Friday. Roxanne Chorba and Fran Ward are planning the decorations.  The decorations will be put up on Saturday afternoon after the Tournament.

Who can attend?  All paid members of the FMGC Members are invited to attend at no charge.  Guests will be limited to one per Member at a charge of $10 per guest.

A signup notice will be put on the LFMGC’s Board.  Anyone who does not sign up will not be invited to the Banquet.  Also, no takeout orders will be honored.

New this year will be a Wine and Cheese Social Hour prior to the Banquet from 5 to 6 p.m. In addition, to the 50/50, a guess the number of tees will be set up at no cost. And a prize will be given to the winning guest.

Jude Rozzi is the Coordinator for the Banquet Dinner.  The dinner will be catered, however, volunteers will be needed to serve and also to clean up.


 Diana reported that we have hole-in-one awards donated by Judy Toof.  Fran Ward will make up the sand award and Ira Colby will make the tree award.

We were very fortunate this year in having so many Members volunteer to help with Committee events and responsibilities.  They will be acknowledged at the Banquet.  Names should be submitted to Diana to ensure no one is left out.   Diana Genotti proposed a new award for most supportive member.  This award will be given to the individual who supported the Club on a regular basis (weekly), who attended and/or helped with the special events, provided the most input to the Committee and of course, must be a member.  This award will be called the Chairperson’s Award and will be selected by the Chair.

The format of the evening will be as follows:

Social Hour ends:   6 p.m.

Prayer:                   6:15 p.m.

Dinner served:        6:30 p.m.

Awards and Acknowledgements:  7:00 p.m.

Jude Rozzi, Glen Leighton, and Diana will present the awards. Jude will announce the awards and Glenn will hand them out to recipients at the banquet.

Committee Membership:

 Glenn offered to continue in his current potion and Ira will back Glenn up on the Handicap Program. Ginger will continue to maintain the Club Website and continue as Secretary. Diana Genotti will resign from the Committee this year and a new Chair will be needed.  She also recommended that the position of Treasurer be reinstated.  Evelyn Colby has volunteered to join the Committee and take over as Treasurer.  The 2016 Committee will be announced at the Banquet.  Anyone resigning or being added must contact Diana by August 28.

If you know anyone who would like to participate on the Committee, contact a Committee Member.

Special Meeting:

 A special meeting of the Committee will be held on Saturday, August 29 at 1 p.m. at the Clubhouse.  The purpose of this meeting is to finalize the Banquet and elect new officers and accept new members on the Committee.

Respectfully Submitted, Ginger Allain

Minutes of July 11, 2015 Meeting
Present:  Ginger Allain
                Glen Leighton
                Ira Colby
                Steve Butler
                Jude Rozzi
                Diana Genotti
Absent:    Bob McPhee
                Brian Duffill
                N. E. Via
Fifteen FMGC members were also present.
The meeting was called to order by chair, Diana Genotti at 1 p.m.
Diana acknowledged the support of our members especially the members who have been providing goodies each Saturday and those who have adopted a hole.
Diana explained that the budget was tight for the year. We’ve opted not to open a bank account due to the fees and the requirement to file for non-profit status.  The current balance in the Treasury is $475.73.  She noted that the banquet costs are projected at $400.  The additional income received each week should keep us solvent.  This balance includes expenditures for the Breakfast.

Currently we have paid out the $25 stipend to 4 of the hole adoptees. No further payments will be made.  Several holes will be available for adoption next year.

Dave Mankus said the 2 sheds are stocked with blowers, rakes, pruners and weed trimmers which members can use to tidy up the green and fairways. Feel free to get these out to blow off the greens or trim along the rough.
The Bench Program is on hold pending the review of vendors who can make the Bench Plaques. She suggested a limit on the number of letters to keep the size of the plaques more uniform and not too large. She will investigate Staples and other sources for these.  We will make a decision at our next meeting regarding this program.
Pat Butler, the Golf Store Coordinator, explained her role to order and sell the supplies in the golf store. Items are sold at cost (no profit) and the money collected is used to buy more merchandise and/or reimburse Pat for any outlay of money she has spent.  The money for the merchandise does not come from the golf club. June sales were $89. She has ordered a selection of shirts and could get shirts for our members in different colors. 
Jude Rozzi reported that all the supplies and volunteers were ready for the event. 
A review of the upcoming Charity Day was conducted.  The first issue was the selection of a charity.  After much discussion among the members, the Committee voted to have a sole charity – the Food Pantry this year.  The following members will head Charity Day events:
Glen Leighton – The Golf Tournment
Ira Colby – The luncheon
Evelyn Colby – The Chinese Auction.
Diana Genotti – the Wine and Cheese Awards Presentation.  Volunteers will be needed for all.. Glenn Leighton will oversee the tournament that day. Ira is planning the luncheon (hot dogs, salads, cookies) and needs volunteers.
Evelyn Colby  distributed a list of local businesses to solicit for donations for the charity Chinese Auction. People signed up for the one they would solicit. She will have letters to show the business. LFR residents can also contribute new items, special baked goods or crafts for the auction. 
Our first clinic was an overwhelming success.  Ray Francisco and his team did a great job.  So great that members have requested another clinic.  Ray has agreed to hold another one on July 18 at 1 p.m.  The 10 or $2 dollar course fee will apply.  However,m embers who play golf that morning will already have paid their $2 for daily use of the course. Non-members will need to pay the $10 daily course fee to attend the clinic. They can play golf after, if they choose.
A discussion was held regarding Golf Etiquette.  Glen Leighton agreed to review our Handbook to see if it adequately covered Golf Etiquette.  Once this is done, a handout and a bulletin board poster will be prepared for our members.

Dave distributed a page of rules for LF Guests and their friends when they register in the office.  The handout reaffirmed that the League would only have priority on the course on the Charity Tournament and the Championship Tournament .  Normal League Play does not have priority and visitors may be on the course..
Meeting adjourned at 2:15.
Ginger Allian

Minutes of June 6 Meeting

Attendance:      Steve Butler, Ira Colby, Brian Duffill, Mike Frost, Diana Genotti, Glen Leighton, Bob McPhee, Jude Rozzi

Absent:  Ginger Allain, NE Via

20 Members

Objective of Golf League:  To have fun

  • 2015 League Schedule was revised and finalized.  It will be posted on both the Community Board and the Golf Board.  Outstanding changes include:
  • Battle of the Roads will be organized and run by Ralph Risser, not the League.
  • League will run a Golf Clinic on June 20.  This event will be chaired by Ray Francisco with the assistance of Brian Duffill, Bob Mcphee, Phil Rozzi and Dave Dick.
  •  Charity Day with be combined to include the Tournament, Hot Dog Lunch, Chinese Auction and Wine and Cheese Presentation.  Ira Colby will chair the Lunch.  All events will be held on August 15.
  • Website and Newsletter will be chaired by Ginger Allain.  Any news should be forwarded to Ginger.  Instructions to access the website will be posted.
  • The Adopt A Hole Program will be run by Ralph Risser.  The League will provide $25 to each hole sponsor to purchase plants and/or improvements their hole.

 Current Volunteer Assignments:

 Pat Butler          –          Golf Store                    Steve Butler   –    League Play

Glen Leighton      –      League Play                Jude Rozzi    –    Co-Chair

                                                                                                          Pancake Breakfast


Ginger Allain     –          Secretary                     Ira Colby       –      Charity Lunch

Evelyn Colby       –        Chinese Auction        Evelyn Colby   –   50/50

League Rules

A brief discussion centered on the rules of play.  The rules are as follows:

FMGC at Lake Forest Resort 2013

USGA Rules cover rules not covered by the FMGC Rules

Bob McPhee was appointed keeper of the rules.  If a member has any questions, or requests for changes, they are to see Bob.

Membership Dues

What do your dues pay for?  Your membership dues cover supplies, the coffee service, Adopt-A-Hole, course expenses, awards, decorations, the banquet and decorations.

In order for the League to continue to provide the services it has in the past, we count on the fundraisers during the course of the season.  The ten dollars is not designated for the banquet.  The dues plus the funds raised covers the many expense incurred by the league.


Next Meeting:  July 11 1 pm

Open to all Members


Golfer Mouse Pad
Golfer Mouse Pad from Zazzle
LFR Golf Committee
August 23, 2014
Present: Ginger Allain, Glenn Leighton, Diana Genotti, Ann Prest, and chair Mike Frost
  • Mike showed a notebook set up to formalize the Adopt-a-Hole project.
  • Ginger showed the first draft of the Saturday golf website which is hosted for free on The URL is
  • It was decided to have the club championship next year on the Saturday following Labor Day.
  • Ann will check on the delay on plaques for the benches.
  • The Battle of the Roads (which was not originally a league activity) will be shifted back to volunteers in the community starting next year. Moved by Glen and seconded by Ann.
  • Diana will check prices for food for the championship. Ann will check with her nephew also.
(minutes compiled by Ginger Allain)

LFR Golf Committee

July 26, 2014

Attending: Diana Genotti, Paul Schwatka, Steve Butler, Ginger Allain, & Mike Frost (presiding)
Absent: Ann Prest, Bob McPhee

Old Business:

We have 3 new rakes.
Battle of the Roads – Adrian will go for ice at 7 am. Glenn and Paul will hand out score cards at 8 am. Water & cold drinks will be provided at the club house.
Charity Day (Aug. 9) – No coffee, no sweets and no golf store on this Saturday.
Charity Golf – Paul, Diana & Ginger will be gone for this one. Someone is needed to sell the mulligans and the strings. Mike will ask Pam if she will set up the coffee. Ginger will find someone to bring the sweets.
Adopt-a-Hole – Discussion on simplifying the duties and wording. Mike will meet with Ralph Risser on this. It was suggested to give $25 for plants on each hole next spring. Paul moved to do so & Steve seconded the motion, it was passed.

New Business: Discussion of ways to get people to rake the sand traps.

Minutes from the previous 2 meetings were approved.

Minutes submitted by Ginger Allain


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