Golf Clinics

thank you golf pixabayEvelyn Colby, “A HUGE thank you to Louise & Andrea for organizing and conducting the first of the season Golf Clinic on the rally field a couple of weeks ago.  Also, thanks to Donna Worthington and Bob McPhee for assisting, and Marcel Comtois, Ira Colby and Asa Colby for shagging balls.  These clinics are making a difference!


The next clinic will be held on Sunday, July 9 at 1:00 for a fee of $5 per person.  This clinic will be held on the golf course and is again being organized by Andrea & Louise. Anyone at any skill level is welcome to participate!



Golf Clinic – Sunday, June 11

Golf Clinic – Sunday, June 11

Forest Meadows Golf Club will hold a golf clinic on Sunday, June 11 at 1:00 in the Rally Field.  There will be a $2 per person fee, and all residents are welcomed to participate.  Andrea and Louise will be providing instruction on Driving and Chipping. A second clinic will be held on July 9th. More info on that as we get closer.

A sign-up sheet for those interested will be posted on the LFR bulletin board by the laundry room.  Sign up is appreciated!!

happy golf ball - courtesy of pixabay