5 Really Bad Swing Thoughts for Golfers

Golfers use a swing thought to help them improve their golf. If you have the wrong thing in your mind as you swing the club, the result can be a disaster for your game.

Here are some swing thoughts that you do not want going through your head:

►Stay away from that sand trap (unfortunately your mind fixates on the last part and what do you know, there you are in the sand trap)
►I hope they are out of range (if you are afraid of hitting up on the group ahead, it pretty well guarantees a terrible hit)
►Is this poison ivy that I’m standing in? (check out your place to stand before getting into the swing.)
►Should I use my 7 iron? (don’t second guess your club choice while you are in mid-swing. Make up your mind and go with it.)
►Keep your head steady, don’t lift up, swing smoothly (multiple swing thoughts distract and result in a poor swing. Choose just one and focus on it.)

Here’s what you want instead: Focus on a single swing thought, make it a positive one (use do, not don’t), resolve stance & club issues before swinging.